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Corrugated cardboard is great. When it was patented in England in 1856, it was clear
to everyone that they witnessed revolution in the field of transport and storage of goods.
It offers endless solutions and modifications. Within many years there occurred advantages over other packaging materials.

Why do we continually follow the tradition of corrugated cardboard?



You can make up anything. Possibilities of cardboard packaging design are practically unlimited. We will be glad to help you with design of the original solution or we will modify the existing solution.



Production of cardboard packagings is basically
not complicated. Moreover, we have all the manufacturing technology in-house. You can be sure that your packagings will be
ready really fast.



We trust our cardboard products. Due to
state-of-the-art technologies and machines, we release first class pieces only. Your goods
will always be safe and the customer
will be satisfied.

How does production of perfect packaging look like?

Najprv navrhujeme

01Design is the
first thing to do

Every product is original; it needs an original packaging. You can determine its design with your suggestion or let us do everything. We will propose optimal solution with an emphasis on originality or the ratio of price/performance. We are accustomed to various requirements of customer, including really atypical ones.

02We implement and optimize

Prototypes may precede production itself. The final packagings will be really perfect; and not only because of the fact that our employees are real masters. We produce the products on our own lines; we do not have any problem to enter the process at any time and adjust the production according to your wishes.

Realizujeme, optimalizujeme
Dopravíme na miesto určenia

03We will transport the products to the destination

We have our own fleet of vehicles. Your order will be on site exactly in the particular minute. If necessary, we will help you with transport or re-storing of already packaged products; or we will advise you with warehouse management

Why to jump on the "wave" with us?

  • we are not afraid of challenges
  • we have our own production
  • we are interested in smaller series as well
  • we are really fast
  • we still upgrade technologies and patterns
  • we have been producing our products for 15 years
  • we hold ISO 9001:2008 certification
  • FEFCO catalogue

What are we able to produce?

Most often, we deliver packagings to business firms, winemakers, pizzerias, internet stores or mailing companies. However, we can make cardboard packaging for anything.

Types of cardboard according to...

History in BK Obal

Like most honest manufacturing companies, we also began with one machine only. In 2002, four main
employers operated this machine. We succeeded in establishing ourselves; we could
richly innovate our technologies in 2009; since then we have been expanding
our production. Currently we are 16 people. We are looking forward to your inquiry.

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Are you interested in corrugated cardboard?

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